Heirloom Handcrafted Pieces for Charity

If You are in a hurry, We can order anything you need 😊

ETSY Shop for other awesome fundraising items ❤️ Crochet Dolls etcetera & Handcrafted Copper Christmas Ornaments 😊😃

All things are live energy.
Monk meditation and prayers are imbued into items with every breath and strike of the vegan hammer or rescued vintage non-vegan hammer 🙂😊😃


If You are buying Wedding Rings or other jewelry, buy them while supporting Charity and Monasticism, which assists true civilization and the reduction of negative events through mass meditation & prayer 🙏 (See video below – Scientifically proven)
Let’s build a robust Monastic Network in the united States ❤️

Email Your order (Email@MonkJewelry.org) until cart system is installed – leave a telephone number in case 🙂😊🙂

18 Karat (750 = 75% Gold)
22 Karat (917 = 91.7% Gold)
24 Karat (999 = 99.9% Gold)(Very special & not soft as generally thought, especially when in the form of thick half round bands, etcetera)(No discoloration over time due to mixing in other metals)

Silver and Gold have purification and energy intention focusing properties ❤️

Thank You & stay tuned